EPISODE 1 – “Pilot”

EPISODE 2 – “Day 1: Bernie’s Bootcamp”

EPISODE 3 – “Day 19: Spirit Spin”

EPISODE 4 – “Day 28: Barre Basics”

EPISODE 5 – “Day 29: …..?”

MY LIFE WORKED OUT, is a two-hander, comedy/parody web series surrounding the lives of JESS and AMY, two women in their late 20s who are best friends despite their polar opposite personalities. We follow their attempt to get their lives together as they sign up for the latest phase and craze to hit the LA gym scene…CLASS PASS. These are short (3-5 mins), comedy sketches in the vein of INSIDE AMY SCHUMER meets BROAD CITY. Each episode is set around a different over the top and ridiculous exercise class attended by Jess and Amy who embark on the endless pursuit of getting their lives to “work out” but just falling short…