“If you do something you’ll regret in the morning, sleep late.”

#TBT to how it all began…

From: Jess Trevorrow <>
Date: August 6, 2004 at 1:40:43 AM EST
To: Amy Arnett <>
Subject: Re: Hey Roomie!!!

hey amy

cool cool. i’ll be honest i didn’t know i had a dorm assignment or a roommate until i opened your email. but i do remember filling out the questionaire thing so i guess were compatible !
i’m from san francisco/the bay area and am only realy coming to brown for the dual-degree program at RISD. i’m a painter/visual artist/screen printer but my Grams really wants me to get a degree from a university not just an “artsy-fartsy school”. but i’m excited to be around all of the intellecuals & academics at brown. cool that your in business & marketing.
the only thing i know i’m bringing is my easel cause it’s a handmedown, and i still sleep with my baby blanket so that’s going in there. stoked about your humidifier. i have a different kind of humidifier if you know what i mean…? not sure if your down with that but yeah
since im flying from Cali i’ll probably just buy all my stuff out east.. so maybe we can go together and i can get stuff to match you. i’m definitely bringing some vintage prints & photographs that travel with me and my record player and records.
you have a fish!!!!!!!!!! cool. why is your fish named becky?
okay amy i gotta run sorry this was rushed but my man-friend is taking me out to some photography showing tonight so i have to go buy something to wear cause it’s in 25 minutes.
looking fowrad to the A/B
P.S. oh yeah i don’t have a facebook but i’ll send some pictures. i swear i’m not psycho. also i’m a very heavy sleeper.

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