Amy and Jess have gotten well-acquainted with the work out scene in LA.

Below are a couple of their favorite classes right now.

Check them out!

Cave Crossfit 

Everyone has an inner athlete. We help unlock the tools inside of you to help you find your greatness. And it starts, right here.

Cave CrossFit is one of the oldest CrossFit and conditioning facilities in Los Angeles with over 4 years of experience. Many of our coaches are CrossFit Level 2 in addition to having multiple certifications in lifting, gymnastics and mobility as well as degrees in exercise kinesilogy with a vast knowledge of the human body and movement.

We love beginners and have a long-standing reputation for helping people of all ages and fitness levels become athletes. Everyone has what it takes, we just help you realize it. At Cave CrossFit, there is no ego and no attitude as everyone is here for the same reason; to get better. We don’t care how much you can lift or how fast you go, only that you will push yourself to find out!

Start your free week trial now! Text CAVE to 27677!

Pure Barre Redondo

If you are looking for an easy way out, you will be sorely disappointed after your first Pure Barre class. If you are ready to put in real effort to get real results, your love affair with Pure Barre is about to begin. Your first class is the first step to strength and definition like your body has never known.

We’re here to be your guide throughout your Pure Barre journey. Meet other Pure Barre newbies, get expert advice, and share your story. Most importantly, get ready to discover just how strong you really are.

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