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#TBT to how it all began…

From: Amy Arnett <>
Date: August 6, 2004 at 9:40:43 PM EST
To: Jess Trevorrow <>
Subject: Re: Hey Roomie!!!
Hey Jess!
Thanks so much for your prompt reply!! SO cool that you’re from California. A part of me has always felt like I would really love it out there. My family did a trip to the Grand Canyon and Napa when I was like 14 but that was my only experience. I feel like Napa was basically lost on me because I thought that wine was totally gross. Now I could drink rose all dayyyyyy lol

SO awesome that you’re an artist!! That is seriously so cool! Way more exciting than my boring business major haha. I can’t wait to see your work! Will you be bringing a car to campus since you’ll be traveling back and forth between RISD? I’m so curious to hear how RISD compares to Brown… I bet there will be some cute artsy boys 😉

Awesome that you have another humidifier to bring! I’ve got some essential oils that I think will totally blend well with our feng shui 🙂

I’m SO pumped that we can go shopping together. According to MapQuest we’re only a 4 minute drive from Providence Place which is the most amazing mall. They have a Nordstrom’s almost as big as the one at KOP (King of Prussia Mall- it’s incredible). I’m sure we’ll be able to find some great stuff for our room.

Omg I so wish I had a cooler explanation for why I named Becky. To be honest, I’ve always really loved alliterations (my sisters call me AA) so I knew I wanted a B name… Becky the Beta was the first thing that popped in my head and I feel like it suited her 🙂

How was your photography showing?? That sounds so cool. The highlight of my summer so far was my family’s annual trip to Europe, we visited Paris and Florence. It was incredible!!! Have you ever been to Europe? Omg. I have never eaten so many carbs in my life. My bikini bod has suffered since but it was totally worth it.

Thanks for sending pix!! You are totally gorg btw. I attached a few of me as well 🙂


From: Amy Arnett <>
Date: August 5, 2004 at 9:07:43 PM EST
To: Jess Trevorrow <>
Subject: Hey Roomie!!!

How are you? How’s your summer going? So nice to e-meet you! No words can express how incredibly excited I am to be living with you in just a few short months! My parents are both alumni and have told me that living in Archibald/Bronson in the Keeney Quadrangle is practically the most coveted freshmen dorm- go us! Lol

I have so many questions for you but I’ll try to keep this first email short and sweet 🙂

Where are you from? I’m from Vorhees, NJ (I know I know- NJ is the worst but I’m from the south- it’s really more like Philly).

Do you know what you’re going to major in? I’m thinking business with a concentration in marketing/PR.

In terms of our room…

Things I plan on bringing that we can both use:

– stainless steel Sunbeam microwave

– beige linen futon w/three pink and blue Lily Pulitzer throw pillows (I plan on lofting my bed and we can put it underneath so we have somewhere for our guests to sit when we entertain)

– stainless steel mini fridge

– humidifier (super important I hear especially in the winter- also helps with my deviated septum)

– stainless steel Bose speakers (they’re small but the sound quality is amazing)

– 40″ flat screen Sony TV (I’m nervous this might be a little small but it’s the one I currently have in my bedroom- let me know if you think this will suffice)

It’s not a big deal if our styles don’t match perfectly but I just thought I should let you know (in case you do want to coordinate) that I’m really leaning in to classic New England style. Think: Ralph Lauren, Lily Pulitzer-  dark blues, beiges, and stripes/floral patterns.

Do you have any shared items you’ll be contributing to our room?

Also, I have my beta fish Becky who I was planning on bringing with me. She’s totally chill and low maintenance (unless you like put her in front of a mirror and then she totally goes into predator mode). Is that ok with you? I promise to never make you feed her or anything- you won’t even know she’s there 🙂




P.S. I tried to add you on FB but couldn’t find you- you can find me by searching Amy Arnett 🙂

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