Meet Our Team

Hear our story.

“We need more diversity. We’re not telling the stories of many, we’re telling the stories of few. There’s a problem with the storytelling, with the protagonists…it’s in front of the camera, it’s behind the camera…This is not how we want to be working and we need to tell the stories of all.” – Jessica Chastain

We’ve heard it over and over from those who inspire us most…

“WE NEED MORE WOMEN in the film & TV industry!”

But instead of just talking the tired talk, we wanted to DO something about it.

So, what happened next?

Five friends set out to utilize each of their unique skill sets, collaborate and create a project that women could laugh at and relate to, all while employing as many talented females as possible. On a budget of predominantly donated time, favors & goodwill they created…


Meet the ladies who made it happen.

sara lindsey

Sara Lindsey (as JESS) grew up in Ellicott City, Maryland, and has been best friends with Anna Jaller since high school. In their teen years, the two starred together in several productions including GREASE, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, and OUR TOWN (to much local critical acclaim). Sara majored in Acting at Carnegie Mellon University where, in her final year, she was cast in J.J. Abrams’ SUPER 8. Within a year of graduating, Sara landed roles in three other feature films (WON’T BACK DOWN, FUN SIZE, and JACK REACHER). She then worked with Gus Van Sant in the eco-drama PROMISED LAND, and recently played across from Will Smith in CONCUSSION. Since moving to Los Angeles, Sara has also co-written and starred in two independent feature films: BLUE JAY, a psychological thriller shot on location in the Eastern Sierra, and 5 PILGRIMS, a film she developed with her theatre and film ensemble, Darty Hall. In 2015, Sara produced and headlined IN PERSON!, a cabaret of songs and stories, and continues to write and develop her own work while pursuing roles in television and film. Sara is thrilled to get to act across from her bff Anna once again, playing pretend best friends, and to work with such a talented (all female!) creative team. Sara would like to confirm that MY LIFE WORKED OUT passes the Bechdel test with flying colors.

Anna Jaller headshot


Hailing from MD, Anna Jaller (as Amy / Co-Producer) met Sara in the high school theater department and they’ve been besties ever since. She went on to study theater at Muhlenberg College (go Mules!) and spent a semester at Queen Mary: University of London. Upon graduating she moved to NYC where she studied with veteran acting coach Anthony Abeson. Some favorite credits in NYC include the play DETENTION THERAPY (Strawberry One Act Festival) and the short film ELLA’S LAMENT (Queens World Film Festival). She has been featured in videos for the MTV Movie Awards, Funny or Die, and College Humor. She has appeared in several national and international commercials including a Japanese shampoo campaign that has made her mane recognizable in nearly every household in Japan.  Less than a year after moving to LA she fulfilled her dream of being yelled at by Ari Gold as she made her big screen debut as Dana’s Assistant in the ENTOURAGE movie. Other credits include: FAILOSOPHY (MTV), AMATEURS (pilot presentation), and WEEK NIGHT STANDS (Shorts TV). Anna is a graduate of the Upright Citizens Brigade improvisational training program. She currently studies with Lesly Kahn and The Groundlings. Anna is beyond excited to be acting again opposite the Sandy to her Patti Simcox and to be surrounded by such talented, fierce women.

Lisa Crnic (Writer / Director / Producer) grew up in the (un)seedy streets of Des Moines, Iowa making movies in her basement since she could walk and talk. Eventually she left her midwest roots to pursue her dream of filmmaking in LA. After a series of fortunate events, she landed her first big break in the biz as an assistant at a top talent agency. After a few years of lunches, dinners and learning all things Hollywood, she moved over to the creative side to work in development and production for a film/TV producer. There she learned the essential story-telling and producing skills necessary to create content. MY LIFE WORKED OUT is the first project she has written, directed, produced and released.

Kristin Mendez

When Kristin Mendez (Director of Photography) was three she told her mom she wanted to be Stephanie Spielberg.  Even back then she wanted to be a great director. As a young girl, she started making videos with her friends and documenting vacations and special events. Then she headed to New York to attend school in Directing and Cinematography.  After working and living in New York, she moved to Los Angeles to expand her film career. Currently, she freelances as a cinemagrapher, works in G/E, and also camera assists while building up her film career.


Eirinn Disbrow (Writer / Director / Producer / Editor) was raised by two reformed hippie parents in the suburbs of Wilton, CT. She grew up eating veggie burgers and watching her father paint. At age 7, her Dad taught her Photoshop on an old school Mac 11FX, where she learned how powerful a computer could be to create and tell stories. Eirinn took those skills to NYC, and she began her career editing commercials for top-notch advertising agencies such as BBDO, Grey Advertising, and Leo Burnett. In 2014, she made the leap from New York to Hollywood, working for top filmmakers such as David Fincher and Paul Feig. MY LIFE WORKED OUT is the first project Eirinn has written, directed, and produced and she is so grateful to have collaborated on this project with a group of talented ladies who constantly inspire her.

The Facts

By the way, this isn’t just chatter. The numbers are staggering which is why they care. It’s why we care. You should too. Take a look.

  • 85% of films had no female directors
  • 80% had no female writers
  • 33% had no female producers
  • 78% had no female editors
  • 92% had no female cinematographers, according to the Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film at San Diego State University.
  • Women comprised 13% of directors on the top 700 films, but just 7% on the top 250 films.
  • Women made up 13% of writers on the top 700 films, and 11% on the top 250 films.
  • 27% of producers on the top 700 films were female, while 23% on the top 250 films were female.
  • Women accounted for 9% of cinematographers on the top 700 films, but 5% of cinematographers on the top 250 pictures.
  • The number of female editors stayed consistent at 18% in both test samples. (Variety, Oct. 27, 2015, Brent Lang)

But there’s hope…

  • Evidence suggests that women in positions of power are more likely to employ other women.
  • On films with female directors, women comprised 52% of writers, 35% of editors and 26% of cinematographers.
  • When men directed, the number of female writers shrank to 8%, editors fell to 15% and cinematographers dropped to 5%. The same is true for directing opportunities.
  • Women comprised 20% of directors on projects where at least a third of the producers were female, but just 7% of directors when the representation of female producers fell below that percentage. (Variety, Oct. 27, 2015, Brent Lang)